Tänze W

Tanz Choreograph Motion Musik Interpret
Waggle Dance Stephen Sunter & John H. Robinson 2-Step   The Great Unknow Sara Evans
Waka Waka 2010 Esmeralda van de Pol     Waka Waka Shakira
Walk Back To Me          
Walk Of Life          
Walk These Earth   Night Club      
Walk With Me          
Walking Away          
Walking Backwards Robbie McGowan Hickie   Walking Backwards Brandon Sandefur
Walkin In Bee Chapman     You Walked In Lonestar
Waltz Across Texas   Waltz      
Waltz Away           Mil   Waltz      
Want Ya          
Wanna Dance          
Watch Me Cha          
Watch Me Now          
Wave On Wave  Alan G. Birchall     Wave On Wave Pat Green
We are The Same          
We No Speak Americano Pim Van Grootel FUN We No Speak Americano Yolanda Be Cool
Weekend Jamboree Gert Wollenschläger ECS   Weekend Jamboree Frank M. Lange 
Western Barn Dance Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley     Earl In The Morning Hank Wiliams JR
What A Guy Hombie Stompers     What's A Guy Gotta Do Joe Nichols
When I Cry Maria Hennings Hunt     It Only Hurt Me When I Cry Raul Malo
Where I Belong          
Where We Have Been   Night Club      
Whiskey's Gone          
Whispering Your Name          
White Rose Gay Teacher 2-Step   White Rose Tobby Keith
Who Did You Call Darlin   2-Step   Who Did You Call Darlin  
Whole Again          
Whoops   WCS      
Why Don't We Just Dance Peter & Alison ECS   Wy Don't We Just Dance Josh Turner
Why Not Me Doris Wepfer     Why Not Me The Judds
Wish It Was True Peter & Alison     Don't You Wish It Was True John Fogerty
Wish You          
Wishfull Thinking   2-Step      
With These Eyes   Night Club      
Wonderland Walz        
Work In Progress   Waltz      
Wrapped Around          
Write This Down Laura Kampschroeder   Write This Down Georg Strait