Tänze T

Tanz Choreograph Motion Musik Interpret
Take A Breather        
Take Controll          
Take Me Home ountry Roads Hary Seddon        
Take Me There Travis Taylor, Kate Simpkin & Mitchel Burgless     Take Me There Rascal Flatts
Talk To Me Gary Laffarty     You've Got To Talk To Me Lee Ann Womack
Tango Cha          
Tango With The Sheriff Adrian Churm Tango   Cha Tango Dave Sheriff
Tanz mit mir Gabrielle Rohr     Tanz mit mir Jaybee
T-Bone Shuffle          
Telepathy Chris Hodgson   You Can't Read My Mind Toby Keith
Temptation Melissa Grevelin Samba      
Ten Step   Polka    
Tennessee Twister Linda De Ford     Louisiana Saturday Night Mel McDaniel
Tennessee Walz Surprise Andy Chumbley   Tennessee Walz Ireen Sheer
Texas Hero        
Thanks A Lot Noel Castle     Thanks  A Lot Martina McBride
That Girl   Catalan      
That Man          
That'll be the Day Patricia E. Stott   That'll Be The Day Buddy Holly
That's The Truth   Waltz      
The Angels Cried


Roy Verdonk & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane Walzer

Miquel Belloque Vane

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6qr4n68Rjo tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3cMEp1Azak

The Angels Cried Alan Jackson
The Belle Of Liverpool   Irish      
The Blarney Rose          
The Blues Is Alright Pim Vab Grootel ECS The Blues Is Alright Milton Campell
The Boy Does Nothing          
The Cleveland Boyz Bev Carpenter   Cleveland Shuffle North Boyz
The Flute Maggie Gallagher        
The Gambler Guy Dube & Denis Henle        
The King And I   2-Step      
The One   Night Club      
The Outback   2-Step      
The Piknic Polka David Paden     Cowboy Sweetheart Lee Ann Rimes
The Right To Remain Silent          
The Right Road          
The Shoop          
The Trail  Judy McDonald      Trail Of Tears Billy Ray Cyrus 
The Wanderer          
The Way Things Are   WCS      
The World   2-Step      
Think Of Me Stepen Howard     Think Of Me Mavericks
This Is A Man's World          
Three Walls Ester, Natalia, Alfons & Jose   Hang Around Monty Lane Allen & Brad Paisley
Ticket To Heaven   Rumba Ticket To Heaven Dire Straits
Time For A Good Time Sharlene Sipple     Good Time Alan Jackson
Time To Fly   Waltz      
Time To Get Up   2-Step      
Time To Swing Andrew Palmer & Sheila A Cox 2-Step Time To Swing Helmut Lotti
TinkeBelle Ria Vos     Hold On Thinkabelle
T’Morrow Never Knows Maggie Gallagher   Tomorrow Never Knows Bruce Springsteen
To Compania   2-Step      
To Hell And Back Rob Fowler & Kate Sala     If Your Going Through Hell Rodney Atkins
Toes Rachael McEnaney   Toes Zac Brown Band
Travelin' Music'  Roy Veerdonk & Will Boss ECS      
Traveling Daniel Trepat ECS      
Trek Robbie Halvorson        
Truck A Truck          
Try Again Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie     I'll Try Again Kelly Willis
Try This One Diana Dawson 2-Step 4 Girls Night Out Gina Jeffreys
Tush Push James Ferrazanno 2-Step Ain't Goin Down Till The Sun Comes Up Garth Brooks 
Twister Kick David Villellas ECS   Around Here George Jones
Twistin Benny Ray   Twistin The Night Away Sam Cooke
Two By Two