Tänze S

Tanz Choreograph Motion Musik Interpret
S.X:E: Rob Fowler   Just A Little Bit Liberty X
Samba Cha    Cuban   Chelo Jeeve/Nir Seroussi
Samba U          
San Antonio Stroll Johnn & Janette Sandham     San Antonio Stroll Tanya Tucker
Santa Looks Like Daddy Jerry Colley     Santa Looked Like Daddy Travis Tritt
Scrap It  Kathy K Mississauga  WCS   Scrapt Piece Of Paper Pail Brandt
Sea Of Hearthbreack   2-Step   Sea Of Hearthbreak Springsteen
Sealed With A Kiss Winnie Yu        
Second Hand Tequilla          
Seminole Wind Unknow     Seminole Wind John Anderson
Sex On The Beach          
Sex, Love & Texas
Sexy Stir Fry   WCS      
Shake That Thing Dan albro WCS   Shake That Thing Gwyneth Paltrow
Shakin Mix Yvonne & Baalan        
Sham On Me Rachel McEnaney        
Shanias Moment          
Shanias Shuffle          
She Is Not You  Ursula Ritter   She's Not You Elvis Presley
Sheriff On Fire          
She's Leavin' Ursula Ritter Nightclub Love Her Like She's Leavin' Brad Paisley
Shiftwork Shuffle Kevin Richards     Shiftwork Kenny Chessney & George Strait
Sho Nuf          
Shoes Of another Man          
Shoop Swing Kings Funky Shoop Salt-n-Pepa
Shoot Me Stupid Jessica & Kelli Haugen     Stupid Cupid Mandy Moore
Shot Gun House   Catalan      
Should I Come Home Randi Ostergaard        
Side By Side Patricia E. Scott     We Work It Out Joni Harms
Singing The Song Pim Humphrey 2 Step   This Is The Live Amy McDonald
Sister Kate Ria Vos Sister Kate Ditty Bops
Skiff A Billy Bastiaan Van Leewen Skiff A Billy Line Dance Johhny Earl
Skinny Genes Patricia E. & Lizzie Statt Skinny Genes Eliza Doolittle
Slappin' Leather  Gayle Brandon 2-Step   Tulsa Time Don Williams
Slippery Tripple xXx WCS Funny How Time Slips Away Lyle Lovett & Al Green
Slippet and Feell
Snake unbekannt Polonaise   Amy's Back in Austin Little Texas
Snuggled Up   Catalan      
So Glamorous          
So Long I'm Gone DJ Dan & Eynette Miller     I'm Gone  Catharine Britt
Sold   Polka   Sold Jojn Michael Montgomery
Solo Humano          
Some Beach          
Some Girls          
Somebody's Somebody   WCS      
Something Easy   2-Step      
Something In The Water Niels Poulsen Something In The Water Brooke Fraser
Something To Talk   WCS      
South Of Santa Fe Nathalie Pelletier Cha Cha      
Southern Delight Big Girls Boogie        
Sparky Fly          
Speak To The Sky   2-Step      
Speak With Your Heart Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs ChaCha Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Collin Raye
Splash Sandra Speck     Water  Brad Paisley
Splish Splash Jo Thompson        
Spotlight   WCS      
Sqeeze Me In Rob Fowler 2-Step   Sqeeze Me In Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
Start A Band Justin Brown     Start A band Brad Paisley
Steppin' Out   WCS      
Stich It Up  Robbie McGowan Hickie Novelty, 2-Step   Hole In My Pocket Van Shelton
Stop Crying
Straighten Up   2-Step      
Stray Cat   2-Step Cherokee Boogie BR-549
Stroll Along Cha Jo Thompson Cha Cha I Just Want to Dance With You Georg Strait
Stuck Kate Sala        
Stupid Cupid Max Perry     No One Needs To Know Shania Twain
Suds in The Bucket Yvonne Anderson 2-Step   Suds In The Bucket Sara Evans
Sue Roy Verdonk, etc Runaround Sue Racey
Sugar And Pie          
Sugar Sugar   WCS   Sugar Sugar  
Summerfly Goffrey Rothwell     Summer Fly Hayley Westenra
Sunday Driver   2-Step      
Sunset Sting     Sun Goes Down David Jordan
Sunshine Waltz Gayw Teather Waltz All For The Love Of Sunshine Steve Holy
Swan Daniel Trepat Night Club Swan Bellamy Brothers & Gölä
Sway Me Now Normann Gifford   Sway  Pussycat Dolls
Sweet Like Cola Francien Sittrop Sweet Like Cola Lou Bega
Sweet Little Dangerous          
Sweet Liza
Sweet Nothing   WCS      
Sweet Surrender          
Sweet Sweet Smile   2-Step      
Swing Baby Swing   2-Step      
Swing Time Boogie Scott Blevin     Swing City Roger Brown
Swing Your Chaons Dee Soares WCS   Chains Tina Arena
Swing! Sweet Pussycat   2-Step      
Swinging Doors Anna Balaguer     All The Way To San Antone Ricky Calmbach
Swiss Country          
Syncopatet Love