Tänze G

Tanz Choreograph Motion Musik Interpret
Galway Girl Chris Hodgson Galway Girl Sharon Shannan & Steve Earle
Get Down Darren Bailey & Lana Williams   Get Down On It Kool & The Gang
Get Down Get Funky   Funky   Slam Dunk Da Funly Five
Get Funky   WCS      
Get My Drink On Helen Born & Nita Lindley   Get My Drink On Toby Keith
Get Ready   Catelan      
Get On Down Rob Fowler Funky Now You Know Miss Eight 6
Get Your Feet Down          
Ghost Train   2-Step      
Girls Gone Wild          
Glory Bound       One Step At A time Boddy Jewell
Go Greased Lightning          
Go Mama Go Kata Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie 2-Step Let Your Momma Go
Go Seven Ria Vos Seven Lonely Days Bouke
Going All The Way       We Went As Far We felt Like Pussycat Dolls
Going Back West Werner Hotz  ChaCha   Going Back West Boney M
Gold Gigger Sue Aeppli & Carola Künzle ChaCha Gold Digger Jody Booth
Gonna Take Us Home       Big Old car Adam Brand
God Bless Texas Shirley K. Batson     God Blessed Texas Little Texas
Good Little Girl   WCS      
Good Time Jenny Cain   Good Time Alan Jackson
Good To Be Us Darren Bailey & Lana Williams     It's Good To Be Us Bucky Covington
Got My Baby Back          
Got To Be Funky   Funky      
GP's Bubba Petra Van De Velde & Gert Wollschläger WCS Bubba Hyde Diamond Rio
Grace Kelly       Grace Kelly Mika
Green Eyed Monster       Jealous Bone Patty Loves
Green Grass Of Ireland Severin Fillion        
Groundy Gallop Jenny Rocket Polka   Sold John Michael Montgomery
Gueardian Angel       Angel On My Shoulder Gareth Gates
Guitar Man       I'm A Guitar Man John Dean