Tänze B

Tanz Choreograph Motion Musik Interpret
B.C.O. Rachael McEnaney     Baby Come On Chris Anderson
B Boy Baby


Jose Miguel Bolloqu Vane   B Boy Baby Mutya Buena
Baby Blues Tina Argyle   Big Time Tracy Adkins
Baby Ride Easy     Baby Ride Easy Carlene Carter
Back In Time          
Back To Louisiana   ECS      
Back To The Country Tony & Lana Harvey Wilson ECS   Get Back To The Country Martin Stuart
Backtrack Maggie Gallagher WCS Backtrack Rebecca Ferguson
Badda-Boom ! Badda Bam   WCS      
Bad Case In Lovin You          
Bad Case Of Missing You Sandra Speck Cha   Bad Case Of Missing You Tom Wurth
Badda-Boom ! Badda Bang   WCS      
Bade Case Of Love          
Bahama Mama   Cha Cha      
Ballimore Boys          
Banca Cha   Cha Cha   Banca Banca  
Be Me My Baby Vicky St. Pierre (Canada/USA) & Rachael McEnaney Bachta Be My Baby Leslie Grace
Be Strong          
Beautiful Day Henny Nilson   It's A Beautiful Day Dave Sheriff
Beer & Honky Tonk Demi Counry Beer, Bait, and Ammo Mark Chesnutt
Beethovens Boogie        
Better Times


by By Patricia E. Scott & Vikkie Morris Country


Better Times A Comin Derek Ryan
Between Dances Maggie Gallagher Waltz In Between Dances Nadine Somers
Big Ben The Dreamers Catalan

2 Step

Come on Dance Jhon Mc Nicholl
Big Girls Boogie Mavis Broom   Big Girl Mika
Big Green Tractor Sheridan Gill     Big Green Tractor Jason Alden
Big Jimmy          
Big Love Robbie McGowan Hickie   The Big One George Strail
Billy Jean Raymond Sarlemijn Funky   Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Billy's Dance Pierre Mercie   San Francisco The Olson Brothers
Billy's Twist Ernst Roggeveen Novelty   Shake, Rattle & Roll Bill Haley & His Comets
Bird Walk Fischer Irene Cha Teenessee Birdwalk Jack Blachard
Birmingham Rock Mark Seidl     A Little Less Talk And More Action Toby Keith
Black Coffee   WCS   Black Coffe  
Black Horse   WCS      
Blame It On The Boogie   WCS   Blame It On The Boogie Jay Kid
Blue Mercury          
Blue Night Cha Kim Ray Cha Cha Blue Night Michael Learns To Rock
Blue Note   Cha Cha   Big Blue Note  
Blue Rose Is   Cha Cha      
Blue Sud Shoes          
Blurres Lidnes


Giovanni Coenmans   Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Ft T.I & Pharrell
Bob The B   WCS      
Bobbie Sue  Alice Daugherty & Tim Hard     Bobbie Sue Oak Ridge Boys
Bobby Joe   Cha Cha      
Bobbi With An I Rachael McEnaney     Bobbi With An I Phil Vassar
Boddy And Soul   Waltz      
Bomshel Stomp          
Boogalu   Cha Cha      
Boogie2Nite Neville Fritzgerald & Julie Harris     Boogie2Nite Booty Luv
Boogie Woogie       Shine Them Buckles Bellamy Brothers
Bugle Boogie Gabrielle Rohr     Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy The Andrews Sisters
Boots Scootin Boogie


Bill Bader   Boot Scootin' Boogie Brooks and Dunns
Bob The B Kathy Brown & Linda Bowers 2-Step   Bop The B Billy Swan
Bobbi With An I          
Bobbie Sue          
Bobby Joe   Cha Cha      
Boddy and Soul   Walzer      
Bodyguard   Funky      
Bomshel Stomp          
Boogalu   Cha Cha      
Boots Scooting Boogie   Country Boot Scootin' Boogie Brooks & Dunn
Bossa Nova Phil Dennington 2-Step Blame It Of Bossa Nova Jana McDonald
Bounce   WCS      
Boxcar Blues          
Bread and Butter Roz Morgan ECS   Breadad Tractors
Bread On The Table Maggie Gallagher 2-Step   Bread On The Table Tom Wurth
Bremer Unbekannt     Can't Keep A Good Man Down Alabama
Brent's Boogie Gutz ECS Butt Bopp Boogie Brent Moyer
Bring Me Down          
Brockenheartsville       Joe Nichols
Brotherhood Adriano Castagnoli 2-Step   Do You Still Wanna Buy Me Lorrie Morgan
Bud Wiser Robbie McGowan Hickie   Make Her Fall In Love With Me George Strait
Buddy Bruno Moggia Country WCS One Step Forward Desert Rose Band
Bugle Boogie Gabrielle Rohr     Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy The Andrews Sisters
Bumby Ride Daniel Trepat & Pim van Grotel Samba      
Burlesque Norman Gifford Tango Welcome To Burlesque Cher
Burning Love          
Butterfly Walz Peggy Cole Walzer   You got Me Over A  Dolly Parton
Buy me A Drink   2-Step      
Buy Me A Rose Rob Fowler     Buy Me A Rose Gleen Roger